Arini Global was founded in March of 2019 and is currently being ran and operated in Naperville, Illinois. The company was created as a social enterprise, designed to import high-quality olive oil from one of the world’s leading olive oil producers, Greece.


Our mission is to distribute high-grade olive oil to local markets. The company’s efforts are aimed at expanding beyond local markets and forming relationships with long term investors that will help expand our name.

Having the title of extra virgin olive oil is a promise of delivering above and beyond quality than what is usually expected with your average olive oil. To ensure the best preservation of flavor and nutrition our olives are cold-pressed -which is the best method for extracting the oil from the olives. We also have our oil shipped via first-class air from Greece directly to our facility so there is no possibility of tampering by third parties. Many olive oil companies delude their products with other oils to ensure a longer shelf life; being able to say we are 100% pure is what distinguishes us from a majority of oils on the market today. 


Elevate Your Body and Pallet  

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