Arini Olive Oil Origins 

The Arini Village in Greece is located near Olympia, where the first Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. It was named in honor of Queen Arini, the wife of King Afareas of Ancient Messinia. Because of its natural beauty and strategic location, Arini was announced in the Capital city of Ancient Messinia. 


The location, soil, and micro-climate of this unique village make it the perfect place to produce olive oil. This has been the goal of Arini Olive Oil, who takes pride in sharing such a historically significant and nutritional top-quality product while maintaining sustainable farming practices. The olive oil is made from small family farmers who ensure the entire process has no contaminants or tainted mixings and contains solely pure olives.


“Our indispensable vision is to evoke, through our product, the taste, experiences, and habits of the Ancient Greeks who worshipped nature and saw olives as integral, not only to their nutrition but also to their culture.” ~ Arini Olive Oil

“Olive oil is like wine with its richness of culture and food possibilities.”

-Alexandra Devarenne, founder of the Extra Virgin Alliance

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