Climate Change


When considering whether or not a certain product should be purchased, the effect growing it will have on the environment must be considered. Scientific research has found that growing olive trees create a carbon sink, which means greenhouse gases are absorbed from the atmosphere into the surrounding soil. This would, overall, aid to decrease the amount of carbon 1 dioxide in the air. Based on this research, the annual climate conference COP22 featured the International Olive Council (IOC) to discuss how growing olive trees can aid in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Francesco Serafini, the head of the environment R&D department at IOC, explained to Olive Oil Times “They are a barrier to desertification and erosion. Olive orchards are a CO2 sink, remove CO2 from the atmosphere and fix it in the soil.” Additional agricultural practices can increase this effect, even more, leading to more benefits. As Francesco Serafini stated, “Olive trees are part of the solution to climate change.”